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Marble Surface

Savitha Rao

Welcome to Savi Bhoomi Earthy Creations! Here's a little bit about me and my pottery journey! If you have any questions about my pieces or would like a commission, please contact me!

Hello everyone! Thank you all for visiting my personal site! Here is a little bit about me and my pottery journey! 


I am a ceramic artist living and working in Laytonsville, MD. I am a scientist by profession, with Masters degree in Medicinal chemistry and Masters in Pharmacology and toxicology. I worked in a biotech industry for 13 years as a scientist before moving to federal government and I have been working as a pharmacology patent examiner for Unites States Patent and Trademark office from past 14 years. Pottery is my full time hobby. I have crafted a line of fine, patterned, functional, and decorative handmade pottery bringing in my south Asian influence in the designs and patterns I create.


 I began ceramics in 2015 where I took in a local pottery class “Something Earthy Pottery” with Linda Ganassa Philips. Although I started with wheel throwing, I quickly found that hand building was my passion. I have been hand building functional as well as decorative pieces, created with south Asian patterns and blending that with contemporary patterns. I have participated in two different Juried shows in the area.

I started as a wheel potter, however, when I first sculpted the figure of “Ganesha” an idol of an Indian god with an elephant face and human body, it came to me so naturally and almost felt like a calling and I dived deep into hand building. Hand building offers me versatility and limitless possibilities of bringing together different shapes, patterns and colors.  It gives me an excellent canvas to bring in my strong South Asian roots of tradition and culture and merge that with the contemporary designs and patterns.  Creating these pieces is my attempt at connecting to something deeper which is my Indian roots and harmonizing it with contemporary techniques.  It is a healing and therapeutic process for me. 


I am an active member of “Montgomery Potters” and am in the executive committee of this group. I have sold my work in association with Montgomery potters and also individually in different shows.  

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